Our Commitments

A positive impact

Eager To Help

We must give in order to receive. We believe in shared responsibility.

During the Covid-19 health crisis, the brand immediately committed to helping caregivers who did not have enough masks to protect themselves. We took care of sourcing and shipping protective gears to multiple front line hospitals.

Create Employment In France

From the fragrance to the packaging, all the manufacturing steps are carried out in France. Bon Parfumeur will always work toward supporting French employment!

In the Bon Parfumeur collective adventure, each employee is a shareholder! And yes it is a little financial but sharing is caring!

Empower People Professionally

Supporting access to employment is our first battle.

We make our commitment a reality by being a partner of MODE ESTIME, a real springboard towards employment. The association was created with the aim of promoting the socio-professional integration of fragile people in Seine Saint Denis. People who’ve already been through a lot and just need some help.

During the MODE ESTIME adventure, employees work in textile workshops where they are helped in their skills development and in defining a professional project. We’ve implemented a dedicated donation box to MODE ESTIME during checkout if you want to get personally involved.

Genderfree Perfumes

Our creations should be for everyone, regardless of their gender. Bon Parfumeur therefore adopts a genderfree position when formulating and naming perfumes.

It's completely up to you!