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401 Cedar, Candied Plum, Vanilla 30ml

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The fragrance opens on a sublime freshness lent by notes of cypress, elemi and bergamot. The star of the show, an utterly addictive plum, takes center stage with its sweet spellbinding aromas of candied fruits. The base notes, set alight by cinnamon leaf and the vibrant woody notes of cedar, turn up the intensity and reveal velvety musky facets. Vanilla and labdanum add body and sensuality to complete this creation's strong character.

What is labdanum?

Never heard of it before? Labdanum is actually very commonly used as it is a cornerstone of amber accords. It is a very fragrant, sticky resin obtained from the leaves of cistus, which grows in the Mediterranean Basin. Its notes are powerful, warm, resiny, waxy, woody, camphoric, slightly medicinal, and animalistic. If you have ever smelled frankincense, it is slightly reminiscent of this ingredient. It's the perfect example of a balsamic note. Labdanum exists in two forms: essential oil and absolute. The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation, while the absolute is the product of volatile solvent extraction. The two types smell quite different. The essence is more terpenic and climbing, whereas the absolute is warmer and more leathery. Labdanum makes an excellent fixative and is used as a base note.

How is plum obtained in perfumery?

The scent of plum is more of an accord since there is no plum essential oil. Perfumers combine several ingredients to recreate the smell of a plum. They then work the facets to make it fruitier, greener or candied, for example. In 401, the plum presents velvety, sweet and gourmand notes with syrupy floral facets. It recreates the smell of a candied plum ' enough to make your mouth water!

Have you ever heard of cinnamon leaf?

Everyone is familiar with cinnamon but did you know that the leaves are also used in perfumery? Fresh from Sri Lanka, the number-one global producer, cinnamon leaf smells different to the bark. It gives off hints of cloves and exotic fruits. Its essential oil puts a new twist on spicy and oriental compositions.

Mix & Match: 

Become your very own perfumer by mixing two fragrances together. Strike the right balance for a result that is just as unique as you are. How about 301? When layered, the fragrances create a velvety impression that is more sensual, more intense and completely hypnotic. Paired with 202, 401 becomes fruitier, juicier and sweeter, making it even more addictive.

How to use it: 

Spray onto pulse points like the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and the crook of the elbow to make your fragrance last longer.

Available in the following sizes:

30 ml (1 fl.oz.)
100 ml (3,4 fl.oz.)


Alcohol denat., fragrance, water, alpha-isomethyl ionone, limonene, linalool, eugenol, farnesol, amyl cinnamal, citronellol, geraniol, citral, benzyl benzoate, cinnamal. 84% vol.





Candied plum
Cinamon leaves



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