Clean and Sustainable

A natural and respectful journey

Clean Ingredients

Each ingredient has been carefully examined to meet the highest health and safety standards. Rather than synthetics, we strive to use the best ingredients of natural origin (if there is no equivalent then a 'safe' synthetic). Our perfumes have therefore up to 97% of natural ingredients!

In any case controversial ingredients such as BHA, EDTA, phenoxyethanol, formaldehydes, Lyral, BHT, Palm-oil… None of these at Bon Parfumeur.

We do not add coloring to our juice nor UV filters neither. They are beautiful naturally! Your perfume can have a color that varies a bit like a good wine depending on the light and aging. It's completely normal!

Sustainable Packaging

The perfumes are made with 100% recyclable glass bottles. The outer packaging is made from virgin and recycled pulp with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label. Paper and cardboard come from sustainably managed forests.

In order to limit the use of the planet's natural resources and the production of waste, we invite everyone to keep or sort the packaging that can benefit from a recycling process.

Refillable Bottles

Our future is about refillable bottles. We work on the clock to release 100% refillable bottle formats.

We are currently testing refillable 50ml and 100ml perfume bottles using exclusive to Bon Parfumeur fountains. Five other stores are also testing the system.