Made in France

An outstanding Savoir-Faire

For a better future

Constantly maintaining a positive attitude, we strive to get things right. We are committed to improving our manufacturing processes every day.

At Bon Parfumeur, we want the best for you and for the planet! This is an ongoing commitment on our part, right from the start of our adventure: we wanted to create ethical products, products of which we can be proud because we know exactly where, when and how they are designed and produced.

‘Made in France’ is not a gadget for us. All our products are entirely made in France: we are proud to be 100% French in the land of perfume!

100% Made in France

Let's head to a quick tour de France!

Our bottles come from the Pochet de Courval glassworks - the Rolls Royce of French glassmakers - nestled in the Bresle valley. The packaging is made in Grignan (sometimes also in Brioude near Ludovic’s house in Auvergne). Our labels come from Cognac and the caps from Macon.

All our perfumes are made between Paris and Grasse.

Finally, the final packaging (and yes a perfume is a blend of many skills) is carried out in Chartres in the heart of the Cosmetic Valley.