Bon Parfumeur is first and foremost a community. An arty, sparkling, laughing and light community. A community that wants everyone, with their lives and desires, to become their own alchemist, their own demanding perfumer.

t wishes to appropriate ancestral codes, adapt them, make this monument of French luxury heritage that is perfumery, its playground. To allow all those who wish to do so to slip into the intimacy of their life a unique and essential olfactory touch. Invite them to create their own olfactory wardrobe, and to always renew it according to their desires. To offer them the freedom to surprise.

Of course, Bon Parfumeur is still at the beginning of its adventure. To be at the heart of the Paris of perfumers, but also throughout the world, in the United States or Japan.

One certainty is already emerging: we are in an era of shared luxury! A tradition enriched by the touch that everyone, curious, playful or insatiable, slips into. We are proud of this dazzling creativity! Artists, perfumers and designers work together every day to create the surprising fragrances that make up the Bon Parfumeur of tomorrow.

A luxury that we call good taste, because it is rich in materials and respect for the environment.

A luxury of being free, free to be your own creator.

They already wear it