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901 Nutmeg, Almond, Patchouli

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Sensual blond wood, citrus fruits.

A very fresh top note accompanies the bitterness of grapefruit, and the heat of it's spices meets woody tones, almost vanilla-like in their softness. The bottom note opens onto more sensual hints of leather and the spice deepens, inviting curiosity as the fragrance evolves.


Mix & Match : For a more fresh twist, associate with #001.


Notes :
Top : Mandarin, Grapefruit, Ginger
Heart : Black pepper, Chili, Blond wood, Nutmeg, Almond
Base : Patchouli, Musk, Tonka bean, Vanilla

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A keen traveler at heart, Corinne developed a passion for perfumery as a result of the delicious scents she has come across everywhere from France to the West Indies. She joined Florasynth, followed by Créations Aromatiques, and has now worked with Drom fragrances for over 20 years. She is influenced by the vibrant beauty of spices, the energy of citrus fruits, and the reassurance of balsamic notes. She draws on her personal experiences to bring her fragrances to life but her greatest muse is nature, a source of endless treasures and a reflection of power and serenity. She is also a devoted rugby fan and loves the jovial atmosphere and community spirit of matches. It is the perfect expression of beauty in strength. What she likes about Bon Parfumeur is its Mix & Match combinations. Corinne believes that everyone should be able to build their own scent identity by layering fragrances. For her, a Bon Parfumeur knows how to integrate their own sensitivity to develop a fragrance that people identify with.

Corinne Cachen